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Mystery is Kids' Top Choice celebrates kids' love of mysteries every October, with links to free online mysteries, scary stories, bios of great mystery authors, and lesson plans for teachers.

This website is dedicated to kids' love of mysteries. Kids pick mystery/crime/suspense stories more often that other types of fiction.

Every October is "Kids Love A Mystery"

To celebrate kids' love of mystery, October has been declared "Kids Love a Mystery" throughout the U.S. and on the Internet.

Privacy Policy and Guarantee

This privacy policy applies to MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries and These sites only collect information during club registration and contest entry. We will never ask for personally identifying information. This information will never be given out or shared-- your email address, nor any information that is provided when you sign up. Cookies are not used in any way for these kids-oriented sites. A complete list of policies for children 16 and under is available.

Author Bookstore Appearances

Please check with your nearest store to view the children's and young adult's mysteries on display and discover the events they have planned. Book lists and suggestions for each age group are available at, Kids Mystery Books section (in affiliation with

Online Activities for Kids Love A Mystery

Check the website during Kids Love A Mystery for new activities.

MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries

Mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic tricks, and mysteries by kids.

Fun and Challenging Mini-mysteries for grownups

  • Solve-it: Take a break to solve the mystery
  • See-n-Solve: See the crime scene and solve the crime
  • Teasers by Members: Interactive Community Solving Game
  • Flash: Inspired by a mysterious photo
  • Twist: Start the day with a little mystery

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew: Nancy Drew books, online bookstore, Nancy Drew CD-ROM games, & more!

Other Mystery Info

History of the Mystery for Kids

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Learning with Mysteries

Lesson Plans

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